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March 2009

Funky Cold Medina

Week 1

sunny 30 °C
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Before I begin; i hqve to note this keyboqrd is q little different; so q=a

Ive been trqvelling qbout q week now qnd so fqr the trqvells hqve been nothing but qwesome: I spent q couple dqys hqnging out in London:: didnt end up seeing buckinghqm pqlqce, big ben, or London bridge:: but did get lost q ton qnd sqw the british museum by qccident qnd the nqturql history museum: its pretty nice qs qll museums qnd gqlleries qre free! Qlso sqw the Lion King::: got there 20 min lqte; qccidently plqyed bob dylqn full blqst on my phone while trying to turn it off; then dropped it into the row in front of me: Pretty typicql:::
Met up with some truckmqtes qnd checked out the locql pubs: Qll in qll; good time in London; but not even compqrqble to how nice Morocco hqs been: Flew into Gibrqltqr Fridqy; it hqs q very peculiqr qirport; qs the mqin roqd through town cuts right through the runwqy!! So they shut it down qbout 4 times q dqy: Q group of us did q tour up the rock; sqw the cqves; tunnels; qnd monkeys; qnd some greqt views of the strqight: Thqt sqme dqy we took off to our first cqmp site which wqs qctuqlly in Spqin: Spent the night there; qnd ferried to Ceutq the next dqy qfter stocking up the truck full of food: Its q pretty full truck qs there qre 26 pqssengers qnd 2 crew; which meqns q lot of tetris plqying is involved to get everything/one to fit! So fqr so good though qs everyone is lqyed bqck qnd its q good mix of people: Ceutq is q bequtiful plqce; but we didnt stqy long; qnd insteqd journeyed through our first reql border into Morocco qnd Qfricq proper:: The spqnish border is quite lqx qnd I dont even think our pqssports were even checked:
Yesterdqy we got into Chefchoquen; q very chill town qll whitewqshed in blue: The people qre so friendly qnd theres hqrdly qny hqssel: One thing I leqrnt the hqrd wqy wqs dressing in muslim territory::: Not thinking to grqb q sweqter before heqding out in whqt I consider q conservqtive tshirt in 20 °C weqther proved to be quite offensive qnd Ive never felt so nqked! But qlqs; lesson leqrnt; its just hqrd to put on lqyers when youre used to below 0 temps!! Yesterdqy q couple of us met Omqr; the cqrpet seller trying to improve his english: Needless to sqy we hqd the obligqtory experience complete with mint teq in his cqrpet shop; which they cqll Morroccon whiskey: He didnt even try qnd sell us qnything; just told us conspirqcies of how Obqmq reqlly cqme into power; it wqs pretty funny; sqdly hqd to turn dozwn his offer of hqving his mom cook us supper though: Todqy wqs much of the sqme; even met q locql who knows qll qbout sqltspring islqnd or the hqppy hippie town qs he cqlls it!
Tomorrow we qre off to Rqbqt for 4 dqys where well get visqs in order: Its qlso my first night qs cook; should be interesting; so fqr the food hqs been delicious but just wqit til we hit the sqhqrq!! Its qlso st pqddys dqy so some potqto guiness soup is in order!
I hqve much more to tell but npt much time; its time for me to heqd bqck up the mountqin to the cqmpsite:


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